Community. Chakras. Acupuncture. Nutrition. Nature. So much more!

  October 19, 2018

This wasn’t even the post Chakra Dinner glow but before (imagine the glow after)! What an incredible group of women came together to chat health and take retreat in nature at the Oregon Coast. I am still glowing inside and out, smiling ear to ear after wrap up less than a week ago of my … Continued

The Power of Pilates

  October 4, 2018

I began Pilates at HAPPY NOW FLAT BELLY in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY in 2004. At the time it was just downstairs from my 6th floor walkup and I was working out 3 times a week to win a bet. For every week I worked out, I got to pick a new restaurant to go to. … Continued

Announcing my first Women’s Health Retreat this month!

  October 2, 2018

I am so excited to lead and host my first Women’s Health Retreat. Fall is a perfect time to take time to nourish with food, rest, nature and in amazing company of women. We will cook an Ayurvedic meal to begin the retreat, chat Women’s Health topics, I will offer group Acupuncture, Pilates and we … Continued