Functional Medicine

Lasting Strategies for Optimal Health

You are a person not a symptom.

Jen incorporates the philosophy of Functional Medicine with Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda. She combines Functional Medicine philosophy with ancestral principles including diet, herbal and holistic lifestyle approaches to address the root cause of your symptoms. These philosophies are combined for individualized medicine. In these three systems, health is viewed as a positive vitality rather than merely the absence of disease and we work to get to the root cause of your health concerns.

Functional Medicine is about patient care rather than disease care. 

You deserve optimum health.

We look at the dynamic balance among internal and external factors that affect health. Functional Medicine is a modern, scientific style of Western Medicine that is transforming primary patient care by going beyond the symptoms to treat the underlying cause of disease.

Jen listens to you tell your health story and tailors treatments that address the your unique needs by tailoring the healing approach to match the individual and emphasize the root of the disease. Jen uses critical thinking skills to connect the dots and determine an optimal treatment plan to help you to understand your health imbalance and educate you how to regain your health.

Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda and Functional Medicine often leave patients with longer-lasting outcomes. Jen often sees digestive disorders, chronic stress, hormonal imbalance, anxiety, adrenal fatigue, allergies and unexplained health concerns.