Individualized Medicine.

Let’s get back to basics.

Medicine is the science and practice of the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease. We have innate intelligence when it comes to our health. We are elemental beings. Let’s get back to the basics and promote health to prevent disease.. As a team we will work together to reconstruct and redefine your health. I treat people, not disease and what’s missing in your health care plan is you. You. And you are a unique individual. The answer to your best health is already there. We will work together to re-vision, re-define and restore your health to create a balanced life. I have great compassion for issues facing modern patients. I help you take care of you. Prevention is better than cure.

Being Elemental Philosophy


Jen combines tools from Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Functional Medicine and Integrative Health Coaching to help clients achieve their optimal health. By applying ancient wisdom to your modern lifestyle we uncover the root of your imbalance. It’s simply constitutional health and individualized support.


It’s what you digest AND the food you eat. Jen believes in the power of food as medicine. Ancient is the new new. Digestion is key in Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine. Using tools from Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine principles we will ensure that the food you eat and how you digest it is not working against your health.


We will create a plan to help you will stress reduction. It’s time to stop ignoring external and internal stressors.


Let’s begin to listen to our body and work with it, not against it.

Working with Jennifer

Hi I’m Jen. As a licensed natural health practitioner and educator I am here to help you transform your health by using tools from ancient systems of Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine and modern system of Functional Medicine. My goal is to help you get happy by being healthy in this fast paced world.

I treat people - not diseases. I have created a series of programs to do just that including but not limited to Acupuncture, one-on-one coaching, Acupuncture, corporate wellness and more. You can see them all right here.

Client Testimonials

Jen was so attentive to what I was feeling and really helped me transition smoothly from a state of blaming my body to a place where I can happily say that my body and I are deeply connected for the first time in my life. She always had really great insight whenever I had any questions. She remembered everything from our previous discussions so I always felt like she really cared about me as an individual and knew what I specifically needed. Jen is an encouraging, uplifting, honest coach who I would recommend to anyone – I’ve already recommended her to a few friends. It is safe to say that Jen has really done her research and knows about every holistic practice under the sun, and would reference the appropriate practice based on what I was feeling – she is so so knowledgeable and continues to learn about health and wellness! I really, truly enjoyed working together and will not hesitate to call her whenever I have a health roadblock in the future. Her genuine care for me made this an invaluable experience, and I will always thank her for opening my eyes to the beauty of my own body.


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