The Power of Pilates

  October 4, 2018

I began Pilates at HAPPY NOW FLAT BELLY in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY in 2004. At the time it was just downstairs from my 6th floor walkup and I was working out 3 times a week to win a bet. For every week I worked out, I got to pick a new restaurant to go to. 🙂

I can remember the day I realized Pilates was so much more than working out. I loved dancing ballet, tap, jazz and more for 22 years so my body enjoyed pilates but so did my mind! It was incredible stress relief. I felt taller. I had no pain. I didn’t get sick.

Fast forward to 2017 I returned to Pilates after an injury and really got to see Pilates as a HEALTH SYSTEM (just how Joseph Pilates intended) for MY PATIENTS AND CLIENTS! For more on the history of Pilates see hereThis month I am excited to bring my fusion of Pilates and Acupuncture / Ayurveda / Coaching / Cupping to Jessica Schultz Pilates. I will be announcing services soon!

I can’t wait to feature all of my teachers who have influenced me and most recently Jessica who is my Master Trainer. However, we all do what we do because of Joseph Pilates (pictured here with his wife Clara). Peak Pilates stated, a teacher affects eternity, he can never tell when his influence stops. I am honored to be working towards Level 3 with Peak Pilates. See you at the studio! Thank you Joseph Pilates!