March 27, 2017

When I started working with Jen, I was intent on beginning a journey to improved fertility and healthy lifestyle. From my first session, Jen brought a sense of compassion, patience, and professionalism which made the difference for me in this program. There are countless things I learned from our sessions which I have and look forward to continuing to incorporate into my life throughout all life stages. First, I want to share the news of the birth of my son about a year later after completing my sessions! My focus during and post FLO was self-care, connecting on a daily basis with self-love, acceptance and focus on the following to name a few: making time for meals, cooking/prepping more meals vs. ordering in / buying prepared meals, increasing my water intake, incorporation of a daily mind-body technique, focus on spirituality and community. A mantra for me was to focus, determination and patience. I also made a complete overhaul in my personal products. I highly recommend that every woman implement the WomanCode program as a real solution for her hormonal symptoms, it’s safe, natural, drug free, and it works! Jen W. was a good teacher and cheerleader. Any time I have a marathon of some sort, I know who I can count on.