Let’s get back to basics.

We are elemental beings. We have innate intelligence when it comes to our health. As a team, we will work together to reconstruct and redefine your health. I treat people, not diseases. What’s missing in your health care plan is you. You. And you are a unique individual. The answer to your best health is already there. We will work together to re-vision, re-define and restore your health to create a balanced life. I have great compassion for issues facing modern patients. I help you take care of you. Prevention is better than cure.


Your Nature

By applying ancient wisdom to your modern lifestyle we uncover the root of your imbalance.


Food as Medicine

We will ensure that the food you eat and how you digest it is not working against your health.


The Relaxation Response

We will create a plan to help you will stress reduction. It’s time to stop ignoring external and internal stressors.


The Tool Box

Let’s begin to listen to our body and work with it, not against it.