March 27, 2017

I understand food is medicine and have learned to prep my meals. Because of this program, I make food work for me. I continue to learn to listen to my body and my body no longer frustrates me. WomanCode is about being committed and doing the work. It’s a wonderful journey. There is no quick fix but you will be empowered with the tools you need. I highly recommend ALL women do this program. The most valuable takeaway is the simplicity I learned by understanding myself and my body. I wish I learned this when I was going through puberty. Every woman should have this knowledge. I felt like I was not alone. I enjoyed the 1 to 1 coaching and I wanted the full value from the program. I waited two years to join! Coaching helped motivate me and kept me accountable. If I didn’t have 1 to 1 coaching support, I wouldn’t be where I am now.